Thursday, January 24, 2013

Week One

"Glass"es on a Dog.


"Bold Colors"


"Your reflection"

"A memory" of roses past


"A mess"

"faceless portrait"

"Luxury" green in the winter


  1. I love this!! I would have never thought to use glasses for the glass. :)

  2. I really like the photos you used for this assignment, especially the "Glass(es" and the "time" photos. The idea you used for some of them, like time and a mess, were very unique and creative. Great job!! You're a very talented photographer and editor.

  3. Sunnie -- your photos for the leaves is absolutely AMAZING. I love it! Probably one of my favorites that you've ever taken!! The composition is beautiful, the colors are amazing (plus, I'm so jealous that you found leaves! The only ones I found were dead and way too high for me to have my model near them. LAME). And once again, I love the composition! The leaves frame her face perfectly, and all the lines, in both the leaves and her hair, lead directly to her. Stunning!

    1. Ooops! I forgot to give ya 'something to work on'... Hmm... Maybe just your angle on your 'luxury' photo... I think it would have been amazing if you had gotten a photo looking across the grass... like, from the level of the grass, if that makes sense. That might have added more texture and depth :)

  4. Your photos are amazing. :) My favorite one is the leaf one because the colors are wonderful and the composition is beyond beautiful. Another one I like would be the glasses. I thought that was really creative, I would've never thought of that. Great Photos!

  5. These turned out very lovely. Some that stood out:

    Time - simple, very geometric, I like the shapes
    A mess - creative use of the open shutter!
    Faceless portrait - Love the edit and emphasis

    I would love to see you experiment with breaking a lot of the rules of composition.

  6. You are one photograher, very nice :) I love the one with the glasses on the dog :) very nice :)

  7. I love your leaves photo of Cheyenne! That one is very pretty and I love the colors.:) She kind of looks like a sleeping beauty(: Great job on the photos! I only have one suggestion, was the luxury photo seemed a bit blurry, but really, you did amazing! It was hard to scrape up a suggestion for you(: Amazing work ShiAnne!:)