Thursday, February 14, 2013


For me home happens to be where you feel loved, safe, and peaceful. To me this building represents everything I want and feel when I think of home. It brings a warmth and feeling of well being that surrounds me like a blanket.  For me, this place is home.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photo's with Composition

 "Simplicity/Emphasis" This would be a good example for simplicity and/or emphasis because you can easily see the subject, but still have an interesting background. 

"Balance" This would be a nice example of balance because the girl (Alyssa) on the right side of the frame is balanced out by the car at the left side of the frame. 

"Framing" This is my example of framing; there is framing behind her you can see that the boards make up a sort of rectangle surround her. 

"Rhythm/Repetition" in the background we have the repetition of metal rods I think they work well as an interesting background with rhythm.

"dramatic rule of thirds" 

"rule of thirds" the rule of thirds is pretty simple all you do is work the subject into the side "boxes" of the frame. As you can see you can have lots of negative space or even just a smidgen.

"leading lines" okay, so can you see the leading lines in the fence?! If you can't you're magical. 

 SOOC, be nice! Okay anyhow avoiding mergers, this is one of my favorite places to shoot and there is this lovely metal rod that once upon a time held a side mirror now it makes mergers in my photo's -- Therefore I need careful positioning. 

Voila! No merger. 

"Harmony" I think this is a nice example of harmony just because it's simple and it seems to have everything "put together."

"Perspective or Point of View" shooting from the side of a grain silo that's how we do it.