Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photo's with Composition

 "Simplicity/Emphasis" This would be a good example for simplicity and/or emphasis because you can easily see the subject, but still have an interesting background. 

"Balance" This would be a nice example of balance because the girl (Alyssa) on the right side of the frame is balanced out by the car at the left side of the frame. 

"Framing" This is my example of framing; there is framing behind her you can see that the boards make up a sort of rectangle surround her. 

"Rhythm/Repetition" in the background we have the repetition of metal rods I think they work well as an interesting background with rhythm.

"dramatic rule of thirds" 

"rule of thirds" the rule of thirds is pretty simple all you do is work the subject into the side "boxes" of the frame. As you can see you can have lots of negative space or even just a smidgen.

"leading lines" okay, so can you see the leading lines in the fence?! If you can't you're magical. 

 SOOC, be nice! Okay anyhow avoiding mergers, this is one of my favorite places to shoot and there is this lovely metal rod that once upon a time held a side mirror now it makes mergers in my photo's -- Therefore I need careful positioning. 

Voila! No merger. 

"Harmony" I think this is a nice example of harmony just because it's simple and it seems to have everything "put together."

"Perspective or Point of View" shooting from the side of a grain silo that's how we do it.


  1. You had some great photos this week, and I especially like the leading lines photo and the dramatic rule of thirds photo. You used the rules of photography, I think, the best in these two photos. I think for the perspective or point of view photo, it would have worked better if you got closer to the silo to give it a better perspective/PoV effect. Also, in your first photo the logs look like they're merging a bit with your model's head, so I think moving her a little bit would've been better for that photo. Good job!

  2. You did a great job!! I really like your balance, rule of thirds, leading lines, and framing pictures! I like how you balanced the picture out with the car. I also like how you didn't really frame her face, as most people think of when they think of framing.

  3. I like the variety of things you tried in this photo shoot and don't worry, I have accidental mergers all the time and you should see some of my SOOC shots! I like the different edits and rhythm/repetition and your simplicity/emphasis photos. One suggestion would be that sometimes things of similar color tend to blend together, like her hair and that dark background or her hand near her face. I think just being aware can cause you to make subtle changes while shooting.

  4. First of all I love where you took the pictures! Your photos are really professional looking. I think my favorite picture is the rule of thirds picture. I love how she is smiling and I like the background because it is more simple than the others. I think the pictures that you put in black and white may have looked better in color just because her shirt has such a beautiful color and I think it would have added more depth. Really nice job!

  5. Your photos look so professional! Very well done, they show the rules of composition beautifully and plainly, while also being fun, artistic, and creative. You are a great photographer! Keep it up!