Sunday, March 3, 2013

Creepy Photos

Hey all, sorry my photo's aren't up to their usual standards this week. :( I've seem to have caught every single illness that is going around so I've been spending most of my time trying to get better. This meant canceling my photoshoot. Sorry. :(

 I used front lighting for this picture and placed the flowers in front of a desk top computer -- using light from the window. I think the colors in this picture also make it a little eerie. I decided to base my photo's off of the hunger games so this picture was inspired by the nightlock berries.

 This picture of course is inspired by the arena and the love of the forest -- I think the trees make it look eerie while I used natural lighting I also had a natural reflector of snow!

This picture was taken in my house with what I would usually say is "the yucky kitchen tungsten light." For this picture though I was kind of going for abstract and well creepy so the hideous yellow works with all the other bright acid like colors. 

Nothing scary like a black cat eh? If you remember Prim had a cat ;D Taken about midday.

"Going home" When the movie begins we see them on the train the country side blurring by -- we see the capitol and all the buildings, but I can't help but think there's some desolation out there too. Taken at night.


  1. I really like the flowers and the portrait. They are good representations of The Hunger Games-esque look you were going for and they definitely have that creepy feel to them.
    Honestly, the only critique I can think of is to try something a little more "weird". The way you used front lighting, the computer screen, and the light from the window was super different, but you got a really cool effect. I'd say to try and experiment with that a little bit more. Amazing job this week! :)

  2. Really interesting ideas from you this week and I loved seeing you try a bunch of different things and figuring out what works better than others. I like the motion blur with the yucky lighting. The edit on the bw picture looks like it was dipped in acid or something - really cool.

  3. I absolutely love the first picture of the flower! It is so pretty in a dark kind of way. I also love the picture of the cat, black cats are very creepy :)