Sunday, March 10, 2013


Here are my lightbox photos! I tried a couple different things for these photos -- I know that we were supposed to pick three, but I had fun trying out different lighting and positions. 

In this photo the airplane is actually quite large (to be going in lighbox) so I had to cut off part of it, I set it at this angle in the hopes that the plane would look more like it's flying. 

 I've always loved my little stone dragon, haha . . . . get it? It's a movie reference.

 Here is a rainbow frog, I liked this picture because I was rather proud of myself using the manual focus for artistic purposes.

 Well . . . . really I just liked my little tiger figurine and I liked the shadows from them.

I think this is my favorite :) the light reflects very nicely and you can see all the little shimmers on the turtles shell. I also liked my use of negative space . . . I hope you do too :)

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