Sunday, April 28, 2013

Macro Photography

Alrighty so here are my Macro Photography photos  --  these were a little interesting to grab because I know we are trying to focus on details in Macro. I have two lenses neither of them are really made for Macro, but I made it work! I picked a spot in my garden for a week and just watched for changes. I was hoping to see a spider or bug, but it's been to cold and dry. On the other hand the flowers blossomed and we got some new tulips.
Here are my pictures . . . the editing on them are different so keep that in mind they don't really all flow as a pack.

This is one of the first photo's I've taken you can tell that this tulip hasn't yet blossomed. I took this photo from inside by opening up my window and using my 200mm lens to zoom in on the flower patch. I shot in manual vs. macro mode because it just really bothered me not to shoot in manual! I did have to use manual focus to get the proper object in focus. (don't mind my changing water marks I have one in the works somewhere.) I really enjoy the dew drops on the flowers -- I got this right after it rained.

This was taken the same day I wanted to contrast my last picture so the tulip in focus on the left is the one I had a close up of -- I count this as a macro photo too because of the detials of the flower on the left which has all the little droplets.

This was taken during the middle of the week -- in the middle of the tulips we have a rose bush here we have some leaves that are blooming, no roses yet but I love the sort of creepy look of the edges on these leaves.

Alright -- very sorry you're going to have to deal with some experimental editing here I love portraiture but I love fine art photographs. here in front is one of the red tulips then towards the back you'll see in my next photo a purple tulip. The joys of being able to zoom in on your flower patch from the window.

here is a purple tulip I would say this and the first photo's are my favorite and definitely fall under the "macro" terms along with the pictures of the leaves. Here I was above the flower kind of peering in -- I like the effect it gives. Let me know what you think. :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Landscapes . . . Sort Of . . . .

Landscapes . . . Sort Of . . . .

Alright, so let me tell 'ya I like landscape photography, but there is no land without houses around here none. Therefore I had one opportunity one, and it was on a paid gig, I had to get these shots fast and hopefully catch something good. I hope you guys will cut me some slack it was winter weather -- literally my fingers were having a difficult time pressing the buttons for the camera.

This was the only view I had with no buildings so this is the shot of what I got. The exposure is okay and I like the lines off to the side.
 Here I tried flipping the camera over on its side -- I tried this twice, but I didn't really like it I think it might be the lack of negative space.
 Here is another one I grabbed with more negative space I like it more than the last one but my eye goes straight to the bush in the middle of the picture where the trees intersect, and I didn't like it.
 This is my favorite exposure here -- there's lots of shadows because I was shooting mid-day which is kind of interesting as far as HDR shots go and I love all the different line curves.
Least favorite exposure, but I knew I would be making up a mash up eventually and I did want my highlights in there so here they are! 

Da-da-da-da I actually know how to make an HDR photo, and you guys thought I didn't know what I was doing. To prove I can take landscape photo's here are some I've taken in the past :) 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Night time

Alright this picture wasn't originally taken for this project it was taken after I had read all the material though. This is Rachel and I "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." I took this during intermission using flash because of the low lighting. It may not be the best photograph out there, but it comforts me when I'm have a bad day like today. 

This is my long shutter nature picture. It doesn't look too bad. I have a tripod but the thing is a pain in the butt to set up only works 50% of the time and it was freeezing cold outside. So this is with no tripod on a '30 Shutter. You can see that the flowers aren't totally "frozen" in motion I'm not sure if this is because of the breeze or the camera. I want to say the breeze because I'm a perfectionist and it took me five tries to get this shot.

So I've discovered that long exposure photography is fun -- actually I knew that since the last fourth of July. Therefore, to try something a little different I went into manual mode I enjoyed both the focused image and the bokeh.

I caught this moment -- yay! this is the desaturated nighttime image. Usually I don't like the affect of desaturating an image this was quite nice though I think it might be because of the simplicity.

So this picture not my fav. I originally tried snapping the fence -- but the motion detector on my light caught me.  I like the fact that you can see that there was fog though so that's why I decided to keep and put this one in here. Learning experience, and don't judge us for still having Christmas lights up! I know at least one of you still has lights up.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time Era Editing

Time Era Editing
When we think of time eras I first thought of doing something Victorian while I wish I could have done this I being the perfectionist I am was not happy with the props and wardrobe I had to work with. Therefore I though -- why not edit in a vintage style? It's quite the fad right now if you can execute it correctly.