Monday, April 15, 2013

Night time

Alright this picture wasn't originally taken for this project it was taken after I had read all the material though. This is Rachel and I "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." I took this during intermission using flash because of the low lighting. It may not be the best photograph out there, but it comforts me when I'm have a bad day like today. 

This is my long shutter nature picture. It doesn't look too bad. I have a tripod but the thing is a pain in the butt to set up only works 50% of the time and it was freeezing cold outside. So this is with no tripod on a '30 Shutter. You can see that the flowers aren't totally "frozen" in motion I'm not sure if this is because of the breeze or the camera. I want to say the breeze because I'm a perfectionist and it took me five tries to get this shot.

So I've discovered that long exposure photography is fun -- actually I knew that since the last fourth of July. Therefore, to try something a little different I went into manual mode I enjoyed both the focused image and the bokeh.

I caught this moment -- yay! this is the desaturated nighttime image. Usually I don't like the affect of desaturating an image this was quite nice though I think it might be because of the simplicity.

So this picture not my fav. I originally tried snapping the fence -- but the motion detector on my light caught me.  I like the fact that you can see that there was fog though so that's why I decided to keep and put this one in here. Learning experience, and don't judge us for still having Christmas lights up! I know at least one of you still has lights up.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the third photo, where it is blurred. It almost looks like a painting with two fall colored trees. It is lovely! You got some good photos! Also, I adore the girls in the first photo, too cute!:)

  2. Your third and fourth photos are bombin'! I love the bold colors and the way they are positioned! They are so mesmerizing and fantastic! In my opinion, you did a great job capturing nighttime photos! I couldn't have done it better myself!

  3. Okay don't hate me - but I like the fact that you struggled with this assignment. I love pushing students as photographers and challenging you has been challenging for me. I really like experimenting with long exposure shots as well and love the brightness and vividness of the colors in your shots. The 30' shot got so much light that it looks like it's daytime - really cool.

    1. LOL oh I don't hate you I enjoy my long exposure shots and the flowers one -- the ones I struggled on though both Kathryn and Grace nailed them so I have some nice examples now.

  4. I really liked your desaturated picture! It is so beautiful.

  5. I LOVE your desaturated shot! Beautiful! I also like the long exposure shots, because they are interesting, and I am glad you struggled, because I did as well! Great shots!

  6. I really liked the third photo and how the long exposure effects the lighting in the image.

  7. I really like your desaturated and lights photos! They turned out really good. I think that lights at night that are out of focus always look really cool. Great job!

  8. I LOVED your photos. I loved the desaturated the best. The lighting is perfect and its just so beautiful! (Don't worry, I also struggled on this assignment.) =) I loved all of your photos!