Thursday, May 23, 2013

Andy Goldsworthy

  • What is the title of your Artwork? Whimsey. 
  • What location did you choose? Why? I chose my yard - not only because of the easy access, but because it had the flowers I needed along with hay, and people don't like it when  you pick their flowers even for homework assignments. For artistic purposes I really did want a nice bokeh background so that is why I chose the tree branch i did. 
  • What nature materials is it made out of? Well we have a tree, I don't know what kind of tree, some hay (before hay is harvested and bailed up it is green and leafy) and peony petals. 
  • What is its approximate size? Why? Alrighty, it's kinda hard to measure tree branches but it was about 12 inches by 6. 
  • Can people interact with it? If so, how? Please be very specific. I think it is more of animal then people interactive, seeing as whenever I make something like this the birds come and steal it for their nests. 
  • How did you take the surrounding areas into consideration while creating this piece? I took hay and peony petals, also some leaves from around the other trees. 
  • What message does it convey? I honestly don't know, when I was little I would braid hay and flower petals together so maybe just a memory of childhood :) whimsey. 

    1. I like the title whimsey and the natural feel to this sculpture. Honestly, when I first looked at it I thought it was just a branch that had already grown together and had pretty pink flowers on it. As I read your description and looked closely at the image, I saw the details and the items that had been placed together. I like that it caused me to look twice and I like the shallow depth of field in the photograph as well.

    2. Great photo! It looks so cool. I love the depth of field that you made. The pink and green are so bright too. Very pretty!

    3. I love your depth of field and the colors, Also your topic was just so creative. I also loved how you really created the tree branch and brought the details you did into it!.

    4. I really like this picture, because it still looks like a tree branch. I love the colors and the shallow depth of field. When you said there was hay, I was thinking "What?!" because I didn't see any hay. But your explanation really helped!

    5. I love the meaning behind the name! It is also a very gorgeous photo and sculpture.