Monday, May 20, 2013

Self Portrait Essay

I remember doing an assignment similar to this in English - writing about a time in our life that was important, we were encouraged to open up and share, but I was to scared. This time around I'm not so afraid anymore so here goes.

Here I am biting my nails; I know kind of gross it's a nasty habit. I bite my nails when I'm anxious which seemed to increase my freshman year.

 (I hope you can kind of see my fingers in this picture) Around this same time I started feeling really lonely and like I had no one to talk to I got really depressed.

With the depression came panic and anxiety attacks, they're horrid and I just wanted to stay in bed all the time. Often I would just curl myself up in a ball and try to think of nothing, or drown out life by doing school.

These two pictures above go together - i do realize that the first one I am not physically in, but this was the best way I could find to represent what happened next. Long story short my self esteem went way down; with the combination of other events in my life I started self harming. (Don't do that if you're thinking about it!) This is when I found the organization to write love on her arms.

I took this picture as a sort of recognition that what I was doing was serious and I was heading in the wrong direction - I didn't want my life going the way. I started out on my journey to make myself better, and I even made some friends along the way I was returning to my "wallflower," status.

I know this image will go off the page, but it just has to be bigger! Ha, long long story short - I got better. This was a lot of time to fit into a couple pictures so I will leave some links to past blogs if you're interested in reading more about my story, if not that's okay too. :)

About Bullying and Self Harm & Suicide 
A little more about my life 
One of my favorite youtubers talking about panic attacks 

if you still want to know more (if you're still reading) you can follow my other blog or talk to me anytime :)



  1. You did a really nice job. My favorite is the last picture, your eyes are beautiful!

  2. I really applaud your courage let yourself be vulnerable and share your life experiences with me and the class. I love the way your photo essay really tells a unique story about you. The last photo is very powerful and I love how natural and crisp it is. I like the angle you used from the ground up on the one picture of you, I think it gives off the feeling you were going for. Thank you for your bravery for sharing.